Welcome to Insight. This site is dedicated to discussing the cultural significance of stories presented in television, film, news and literature. We look at ways of interpreting these texts and how to make sense of the meanings we take from them. The site examines (and sometimes compares) popular programs like Outlander, Game of Thrones, Bloodline, House of Cards, Mr Robot, Jessica Jones and others.

Insight draws on Literary and Cultural theory to deconstruct texts, help interpret what we see and present an alternate “reading” or viewpoint on how and why the text is important in modern culture. We aim to make this theory accessible and relatable to everyone who watches and reads.

I hope you enjoy it.

© 2016 Michelle Glasson

One thought on “About”

  1. I love your writing and insight! Badly needed in the world today. Your article on Sam Heighan’s brave work needs to be read. By everyone. Thank you for writing about what Sam accomplishes through his brave choices.
    Please add me to your email list so I can be notified of new posts.


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